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M&A Due Diligence

BCS adds meaningful value to your M&A “due diligence” process. Numerous studies indicate that a large percentage of acquisitions fail to achieve their objectives. BCS significantly improves your odds of success by doing a much deeper dive into the DNA of Medical Device manufacturers than other less-specialized consultants.

Drawing on our vast experience and established methodology in performing operations audits, we can make specific due diligence recommendations. These include where the business is underperforming and how to best address these weaknesses. This early recognition of problem areas and how to deal with them can go a long way to ensure a successful transition of ownership…and long term success.

Recent Achievements

  • Operational Advisory for a London-based Private Equity Group on $1B Medical device carve-out from a major U.S. OEM
  • M&A Due Diligence for NYC based Private Equity on $350MM+ (EV) proprietary product medical device manufacturer
  • Operational and Manufacturing Due Diligence on $800+ (EV) Global Medical Device CM; also provided granular information on sales pipelineMedTech


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