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  • M&A Strategy

    Background: BCS worked with $10B manufacturer's Corporate Development team to double company's medical device business.

    Result: Several acquisitions exceeding $1B.

    Background: BCS assisted global $500MM company strategize on market entry into Medical Device manufacturing.

    Result: BCS proposed a creative acquisition strategy to establish a leader in sophisticated Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) solutions.

    Background: Family Investment Office required a detailed analysis of the EMS Medical Device Manufacturing Industry as a primer for an acquisition in the space.

    Result: Established a strategy on how to grow and operate the business. This document is still used several years later for on-going strategic planning.

  • M&A Due Diligence

    Background: NYC Mid-Market PE required technical & operational due diligence on a $500MM+ Medical Device CM.
    Result: Customer pleased that BCS was also able to provide granular insights on competitors, customers (Major OEMs) as well as specifics on the pipeline that others couldn't.

    Background: Educated International PE Group on the value proposition of $100MM+ target company's products and position in the industry.
    Result: Pointed out that target's current M+A plan was not solid due to action-ability or fit with existing operations/strategy. Recommended more actionable companies and ways to grow organically.

    Background: Advised NYC PE Group on Operational & Market issues concerning an acquisition of a $100MM+ family owned medical proprietary products company.
    Result: BCS detected softness in the pipeline; post-transaction the CEO engaged us to direct a Strategic Planning effort to identify and a plan to generate business in new markets.

    Background: London based PE Group contacted BCS to assist them on a carve-out of a ~$1B division from a major US OEM. BCS evaluated major plants and operations in the US & Europe.
    Result: BCS benchmarked the core manufacturing site (over $100MM in VOP) against key operating metrics from similar OEM and CM facilities in the region. In addition, we assessed major risk factors as well as opportunities to assist in valuation and strategic planning.

  • Manufacturing Consulting

    Background: BCS was tasked with improving Injection Molding Operations at a "Major OEM" Mexico Facility; we executed a deep dive review of operations, equipment, tooling, personnel, planning and materials.

    Result: BCS provided an action plan & implementation support for operational excellence initiatives and Scientific Molding Training by BCS, RJG and Paulson. These efforts resulted in a 20 % reduction in mold changes, decreased downtime and increased utilization by 5%.

    Background: BCS was responsible for the strategy and execution of a $20 million annual VOP Production Transfer from South Carolina to the Dominican Republic.

    Result: BCS led the Project Management for the transfer of production from a major OEM to the CM. On time and on budget, resulting in contract renewal with the OEM.

    Background: Rescued production launch for VC backed startup.

    Result: Transferred entire IV catheter product line from Mexico CM to US CM in six months. This included prototype/bridge and new tooling, supplier management/supply chain support at the CM and technical advisory on molding and assembly validations.

    Background: BCS consulted for a large medical device OEM to assist in a injection molding supplier consolidation program when their supplier base became too unwieldy after a large acquisition.

    Result: BCS developed and implemented a supplier consolidation strategy, resulting in $1.7 million annual cost savings on price negotiation alone.